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Distinctive invitations custom printed at home by you with our printable kits.
7x10 Bifold
Each Kit contains: 25 7x10 bifolds torn and folded, 25 cut vellum pieces, 25 recycled A7 envelopes, 5 yards organdy ribbon, 10 yards satin ribbon, punching template and online assembly instructions.

**Our vellum is an organic paper that is ivory colored and semi-translucent with a slight gloss. It's properties consist of wood pulp and/or cotton fiber and is biodegradable. You may plant your seeded invitations with the vellum and it will degrade naturally over time.
Printable Invitations

7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
Handmade marigold paper handmade larkspur paper
Marigold 25 for $121.75
Larkspur 25 for $121.75
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response cards
reception cards
envelopes 6x9 Bifold shown here
save the date
thank you notes
midori ribbon
hanah silk ribbon
earth satin ribbon
handmade paper
overstock paper
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
handmade seed paper handmade white cotton paper
Seeds 25 for $121.75
White 25 for $121.75
seed paper
DIY Supplies
bone folder
vellum paper
invitation templates
printable invitations
Invitation Envelopes
recycled envelope
Printed Overlays
Order Printed Overlays for you DIY Invitation Kits
Order extras for $0.26 ea.
Sets of 10 for $2.60
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit 7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
handmade chard paper handmade safflower paper
Chard 25 for $121.75
Safflower 25 for $121.75
Order a sample set for $4.20
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4.5" x 6" Panel
4" x 9" Panel
5" x 7" Panel
6" x 6" Panel
6" x 9" Bifold
6" x 12" Bifold
7" x 10" Bifold
7" x 12" Bifold
These items are required but NOT included with the kits:
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
handmade marigold and seed paper handmade larkspur and seed paper
Marigold & Seeds 25 for $121.75
Larkspur & Seeds 25 for $121.75
1/8" diameter hole punch
laser/ink jet printer
glue stick/tape (for satin ribbon)
sharp scissors
Consider adding to your order

1/8" diameter hole punch
Invitation Envelopes- A8 Outer
recycled envelope
Recycled Paper $0.37 ea.
Pre-Printed Response Postcards
Sold in sets of 25 for $5.35
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
7x10 Bifold Print At Home Kit
handmade chard and seed paper handmade safflower and seed paper
Chard & Seeds 25 for $121.75
Safflower & Seeds 25 for $121.75
Ribbon Finial - Bifold
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