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Holiday Cards
View cart and proceed to check out.
 Seeded Handmade Paper Christmas Cards!
Happy Holidays Card


Merry Christmas Card


Seeded Happy Holidays Cards   Seeded Merry Christmas Card
back of seed paper card These cards are blank inside and have a message printed on the back about their seeds



Pick from these messages:
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Season's Greetings
Thank You
Blank (except for bottom text)

We are happy to now offer these printed occasion cards. These are made with your selection of flower seed papers shown here. They measure 6" x 9"

Pick your paper and message then send your friends and family a card that becomes a bouquet of flowers, year after year. Envelopes included.

Bachelor Button and Seed Rosemary and Seed
Carrot and Seed Chard and Seed Stock and Seed
Pick from these papers:
Safflower and Seed Larkspur and Seed Beet and Seed Leather Fern and Seed
This message is printed at the bottom of each card on the recycled paper insert.
Order in sets of ten for $29.99
Order in sets of 100 for $283.00
Order individuals for $4.39




Our thank you cards come in several styles. We do flat and folding thank you notes. Our most popular style is a folding card that slips into a small recycled paper envelope. The cost for our standard thank you note is $2.38 per card and envelope. You can spend just $1.38 per card and envelope if you choose to tear the paper to size on your own.

To make your own thank you notes: buy full sheets from our overstock and the number of single envelopes that you need. Add a bone folder to help in the construction.

The boxed set is an ideal gift for bridesmaids.

Plantable singles $3.98
Boxed sets $21.99
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