Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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Handmade Paper Invitations (that bloom!)

This flat panel card style is made by tearing our full handmade paper sheets into smaller sections by hand giving you a natural deckle edge* look on all four sides of the card. On this page you can order the printed and assembled invitation. Links below will bring you to our many DIY (do it yourself) invitation options.
This invitation utilizes our Eco-Twist paper ribbon attachment which is both recycled and biodegradable. The invitation text is printed on seeded lotka paper overlay. The recycled handmade paper is selected below. Choose from the Natural, Spruce, Sequoia, Hemlock and Aspen, all recycled, all containing flower seeds (no chemical dyes).
Assembled 4.5" x 6" w/Eco-Twist - $3.97 Click here for our more assembled lotka invitation designs Click here for our DIY Kit lotka paper designs
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4.5" x 6" Panel
4" x 9" Panel
5" x 7" Panel
6" x 6" Panel
6" x 9" Gatefold
6" x 12" Bifold
7" x 10" Gatefold
7" x 12" Bifold
4.5" x 6" Panel
4" x 9" Panel
5" x 7" Panel
6" x 6" Panel
6" x 9" Gatefold
6" x 12" Bifold
7" x 10" Gatefold
7" x 12" Bifold
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Once you submit your text a proof will be generated within three business days. You will be asked to review and approve your proof prior to printing. Your order will ship one week from the date your approval form is submitted.
Here's an example of our proofing pages: Your Proofs
Lotka A6 Seed paper envelope w/printed return address
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Included in this set is a torn to size 4.5" x 6" flat panel, printed overlay, Eco-Twist and assembly labor.
Add these enclosures to your order
Eco friendly Invitation panel that biodegrades and blooms
Compostable card and envelope sets are central to this new line. This paper (including the Eco-Twist ribbon) contains 50% recycled material, is tree free and has been dyed with natural vegetable dyes making them safe to plant in the ground. Doing so will produce a blend of 15 flowers if properly cared for.

Lotka paper begins as a shrub much like a Laurel and regenerates from the root once harvested. Year after year the raw material is responsibly forested to ensure a healthy environment and continued resource. Imagine seeing seedlings germinating in an envelope that also acts as a weed block. These will naturally decompose without adding to landfills or using up resources being converted into recycled paper.

This earth friendly line features our vegetable dyed colors. We have named them Spruce, Sequoia, Hemlock and Aspen. Made from cutch, indigo, pomegranate, and walnut plants the irony of the paper names is intended to remind us of the trees being saved by making better paper choices.

This image is one example of what your invitation could look like. You select your background paper color and the Eco-Twist color and treatment in the form above.
*On handmade paper, the deckle edge is the natural, soft, slightly uneven outer edge that is an artifact unique to individually formed sheets. A mould and deckle are tools used in paper making.
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Our lotka seed paper has a blend of wildflower seeds embedded in the paper; Tolerates partial shade; needs 4 hours a day of direct sunlight and grows to about 3'. Seeds include Spurred Snapdragon,Tussock Bellflower, Creeping Thyme, Lilac Godetia, Foxglove, Catchfly, Monkeyflower, English Daisy, Red Corn Poppy and Showy Evening Primrose. This blend is specifically designed for those who wish us to print directly onto the handmade seed embedded paper.

Germination may begin as quickly as one week or may take up to six weeks depending on your regional growing zone.

This handmade lotka paper is made in the highlands of Nepal by rural craftspeople in an environmentally friendly process with 50% recycled content. The raw material for our paper is the Daphne bush. It is farmed and harvested from 3-4 year old plants that are cut down and stripped of their bark. The plant is not destroyed when cut down, it regenerates from the root. The cane like stick, once its bark is removed is dried and used to heat the villager’s homes, to provide fuel for cooking and also for the production of the paper. All of the water used in the paper production is reclaimed and reused. The bark is beaten by hand and boiled to break it down to a pulp (where it is mixed in with recycled pulp and paper scrap collected from the card and envelope manufacturing process) that is then pored into screens to form the sheets. These sheets are then dried in the sun. The whole process is not only earth friendly but also provides a large community with a healthy enterprise.

If you plant this paper in a pot, or in your garden please cover with just 1/8” of soil and keep moist until established.

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