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Midori Organdy Ribbon
Cut yardage pricing
Woad Blue OR132
Note: Only 3/4" is sold per yard. All other widths are sold per 10 yards.
3/4" Wide - $.95/yard
1 1/2" Wide - $1.53/yard
2" Wide - $1.93/yard
3" Wide - $2.90/yard
Full roll pricing
3/4" x 54.7 yd. bolt
1 1/2" x 54.7 yd. bolt
2" x 54.7 yd. bolt
3" x 54.7 yd. bolt
Sheer Midori Brand Organdy - Woad Blue
3/4" for $29

1 1/2" for $52

2" for $68

3" for $106

Organdy ribbon is a thin weave of nylon fiber. Midori brand organdy ribbon has the finest weave and is the most beautiful organdy available. Made in Japan this sheer ribbon is the best on the market. You will turn ordinary into extraordinary when you incorporate this ribbon into your project. The single color thread, high thread count as well as the finished edge that almost disappears sets these ribbons apart. The broad color range ensures you will have the correct palette to work from.

Midori sheer organdy ribbon is a top choice among brides, florists, wedding planners and designers for accenting their creations. We use the terms organdy and organza to describe the same sheer Midori ribbon product.

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