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Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon - Porcelain 715
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Offray Porcelain Ribbon 715
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50 Yards:
1.5" - $27.00
Put Up:
50 Yards

Offray ribbon typically ships within 7 days of your order as they are special ordered from the manufacturer. Please take this into consideration when choosing your shipping speed to ensure a timely delivery for your project.
Metric Conversions:

1/4" = 7MM

3/8" = 9MM

1/2" = 12MM

5/8" = 15MM

7/8" = 23MM

1.5" = 39MM

2.25" = 56MM

4" = 96MM

Ribbon Care Instructions

All 100% Polyester Offray ribbons follow these guidelines:



*Tumble or drip-dry

*No ironing necessary

*Less than 2% shrinkage

*Dry cleanable

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