Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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Invitation Ordering Process
To make ordering your custom invitations as easy as possible we are posting this page, which will help you every step of the way through our fairly large site and get exactly what you need for your wedding or special event.
Step 1: Choosing the size of your invitation:
Choosing the size of your invitation is a very important part of the purchasing process. We have lots of sizes to choose from, some are very traditional sizes like our 4"x6" or 5"x7", but some are more unique sizes like our 6"x6" or 4"x9". If you take a look at our invitation page you will see examples of all of the sizes we have to offer.
The main reason that you want to do this as the first step is because you are going to need to know how much paper you are going to need to create all of the invitations that you are ordering.  If it is a small invitation (for example a 4"x6") you will need less paper than if you are doing a large one (for example a 6"x12").
Sizes that we offer:

4"x6" 4.5"x6" 4"x9"

5"x7" 6"x6"

6"x9" 6"x12"

If you need samples of any of our products you can request them on our samples page.

Click here to visit our main paper page
Step 2: Selecting the paper for your invitations:

We have a large variety of different types of paper. Take a few minutes and find some that you would be interested in. Take in consideration things like color(will it go with the color theme of the wedding or event that you are purchasing them for), do you want seeded paper or non seeded paper, and are there enough sheets for the quantity of invitations that you are going to need (quantities are listed on the paper pages right below each lot of paper).
If you need samples of any of our products you can request them on our samples page.
Paper Types:
Vegetable Dyed Lotka Paper comes in 20"x30 sheets
Heavy Weight : $5.20 per sheet
Seeded Lotka Paper:
Sequoia Seeded Lotka Paper Spruce Seeded Lotka Paper
Lotka paper is made from the bark of the Daphne bush which regenerates naturally providing a renewable resource. All lotka envelopes and paper are 50% recycled. This paper is acid free and your purchase will benefit the economic enterprise of rural craftspeople in Nepal. This paper will bloom if planted.
Aspen Seeded Lotka Paper Hemlock Seeded Lotka Paper
Natural Lotka Seeded Paper
Natural Seeded Lotka
Heavy Weight: $4.50 per 20"x30" sheet
Examples of invitations made with our lotka paper
Invitations for every occasion

Graduation Announcements
Memorial Invitations
Baby Showers
Bridal Shower
Birth Announcements
Party Invitations

Even if your event is not listed, you can send us the text and we can make it customized to your event.
wedding invitations
Cotton Handmade Paper:
Our cotton paper is a very popular choice these papers are a fairly bright white with different types of ingredients in each one. We like this paper because it is made of 100% post industrial waste, therefore is made of total scraps and no trees were cut down in the process! Different ingredients that you may find embedded in this paper are carrot, bachelor button, marigold, safflower, fern, beet, and stock. Most of these papers contain wild flower seeds in them, so your guests can grow flowers in memory of your wedding or event. Take a look at all of our overstock sections, there is a seeded section, a non seeded section, and even a custom section where you can pick out the ingredients that you would like to be in your paper. Remember that you must make sure in the overstock paper that there are enough sheets on hand to do your job. Below on the right side of the diagram there is a chart that shows you how many of each size invitation you can get per sheet of paper for both of the sizes that we have in stock. Most of our cotton stock comes in 18"x24" sheets(standard cost is $10 per sheet for any of our overstock paper. Although there are still some of our older sheet size, which is 12"x18"(these range in price).

(they are listed below each sheet as you can see on the diagram I posted below)

Custom Handmade Paper ~ Non Seeded Handmade Paper ~ Seeded Handmade Paper
Custom Handmade Paper Section Non Seeded Handmade Paper Section Seeded Handmade Paper Section
Click to view this example Click to view this example Click to view this example
Examples of Invitations made of cotton handmade paper
How to shop for handmade paper
Below are a couple of key parts that make up any of our handmade paper pages, this diagram shows where to find the size of each of the paper lots, how to identify if the paper is seeded, how many sheets are left in stock, and also shows you where the links are to navigate through our paper inventory. (Also if you are using Internet explorer you can put your mouse over each sheet to see what the ingredients are in each lot of paper)
How to shop for handmade paper
If you need samples of any of our products you can request them on our samples page.
This is how many invitations you get per sheet using our 18"x24"sheet size
16 - 4.5" x 6" flat cards or
12 - 6" x 6" flat cards or
12 - 4" x 9" flat cards or
10 - 5" x 7" flat cards or
8 - 6" x 9" flat cards or

8 - 6" x 9" bi-folds or
6 - 6" x 12" bi-folds or
4 - 7" x 12" bi-folds
5 - 7" x 10" bi-folds
This is how many invitations you get per sheet using our 12"x18"sheet size
8 - 4.5" x 6" flat cards or
6 - 6" x 6" flat cards or
6 - 4" x 9" flat cards or
5 - 5" x 7" flat cards or
4 - 6" x 9" flat cards or

4 - 6" x 9" bi-folds or
3 - 6" x 12" bi-folds or
2 - 7" x 12" bi-folds

Step 3: Choose to print on the paper or on an overlay
The most economical way to do an invitation is to print directly on the paper. You must make sure that black ink will show up on which ever paper you have chosen. If it will not you may want to look at doing an overlay. When doing an overlay there is more cost involved but it gives a stunning look of individuality to your invitation. So take a look below at a few different types of overlays that we have to offer.
Click to view this example Click to order printed vellum overlays To order custom printed vellum or lotka overlays click here. You will find a form at the bottom of the page that corresponds to each type of overlay sheets.
Invitation with text printed directly on the paper
This example uses a
printed vellum overlay
Click to order printed seeded paper overlays click to order this style invitation
To order invitations like the example to the left click here to order.
This is an example of using a light weight lotka overlay
This is an example of using handmade paper over the top of lotka paper
For help choosing invitation wording click here
Step 4a: If you are using a vellum or lotka overlay you must choose how to attach it to the paper.
Skip this step if you are not using an overlay.
There are many ways we have to attach the overlay to the paper. If you are trying to save money you can use glue stick and glue it on. For better aesthetics you may consider using and attachment. We carry a variety of them, either leather fern, misty fern, Eco-twist, ribbon, or bamboo.  They all are earth friendly choices and also all add a nice touch to your invitations. The Leather fern and Misty fern are available in prepare at home or ones that we prepare for you, but for nearly double the cost. So you will just need to add which ever attachment you choose to your cart and also the applicable labor to your cart also.(such as preparing the misty or the fern , hole punching, and ribbon tying for the ribbon and the Eco-twist.)

When you put the vellum or seeded overlay in the card be sure to enter the text that you would like printed, if you are having us print your invitations.***
Below are some examples of the attachment styles and also some links for ordering them.
Click here to order eco twist ribbon
Click here to order misty attachment
Click here to order leather fern attachment Click here for eco twist page
If you like this style invitation you may also like our new lotka invitations

Click here
Example using Leather Fern
Click to order Leather Fern
Example using Misty Fern
Click to order Misty Fern
Invitation Using the eco-twist ribbon
Click to order bamboo push attachments Click to see our ribbon section Ribbon Pages:

Earth Satin

Midori Ribbon

Earth Silk

Eco-Twist Ribbon

Offray DF Satin Ribbon

Offray Dainty Satin Ribbon

Example using bamoo push
Click to order bamoo pushes
Invitation using ribbon attachment
For help choosing invitation wording click here
Assembly Instructions
Step 4b: If you are printing directly on what style would you like?
Skip this step if you are printing on an overlay
When you print directly on the paper you can leave it simple and don't add anything to it. You can also spice it up a little bit and add pressed flowers to it and below are samples of either way. Click on the ones with pressed flowers to see the pressed flowers invitations pages, once there you can choose which pressed flower you would like to use. If you want the pressed flowers find an example page with the one that you like on it and fill out the form, if you like the plain look you just need to add printing charge to your cart.
Use this form if you would like to print directly on handmade - $0.85
Your contact email for proofs:

Font style:

Select invitation size:

Text Line 1
Text Line 2
Text Line 3
Text Line 4
Text Line 5
Text Line 6
Text Line 7
Text Line 8
Text Line 9
Text Line 10
Text Line 11
Text Line 12
Text Line 13
Text Line 14
Text Line 15

Click to order a flower style invitation like this
plain handmade square invitation
Example of Red Verbena Flower Invitation
Example of plain printed invitation
Click to order an invitation like this
Click to order this style invitation
Example of Mini Daisy Invitation
Example of Purple Larkspur
with Stem Invitation
Remember this is just the cost of printing you must also add your paper and tearing to your cart as well.
For help choosing invitation wording click here

Step 5: Choose Your Font
You may either pick from our vast database of elegant and also fun fonts that we have to choose from. Or if you have one that is not listed and would like to use it you can send us the .ttf file, which is the font file in your c:\windows\fonts folder. This will only work if you have a windows based PC. Sorry mac users.

Click here to see all of the fonts we have to offer!

Useful buttons
for assembly labor
Paper Tearing $1.00
Hole Punching $0.75
Branch Threading $0.25
Fern Prep $0.32
Ribbon Tying $0.75
By now you should have all of the bases covered and know exactly what size invitation you would like, what paper you would like to use, if you are using an overlay with attachment or just printing straight on the paper. You can now either look for an example with all of those requirements included and fill out the pre made form or you can add everything individually into the cart. You could add however many sheets of paper you need to do the job(on the paper page it shows you how many invitations you get per sheet for each size), the attachments(bamboo, ribbon, misty or fern that are going to be used, or if you are using the overlay, add that also. Once you have done this you can go to the next step. You can also add labor into your cart if you want us to do things like: tear the invitation down to size, punch holes for attachments, preparing fern, printing, or any other thing that you would like us to do to get your invitations done.

You can save a lot of money by taking the time and effort of doing these things yourself and just ordering the materials. If you are doing this you may need some supplies that we offer on our invitation supplies page.
We have things like bone folders, metal rulers, and hole punches that are very useful in the invitation
assembly process.

Step 6: Additional Insert cards
We offer additonal insert cards such as reply cards, reply postcards, reception cards, save the date cards, and also direction and/or map cards. These are not all required for a wedding but sometimes one or two of them may be required. On any of them you can have them printed on either recycled card stock, cotton handmade paper, or seeded lotka paper.  Some people like to use the recycled stock in order to save money, they go well with any type of paper that you chose for your invitations. Others like to match their paper that they used for invitations. Below are a few examples of each type of card and they are linked to the pages where you can order them. Also if you are trying to save money you may do so by buying pre-printed reply and save the date cards.
Reply Card
recycled reply envelope
reply card on recycled stock
Reply Card Printed on Recycled Cardstock
Recycled Reply Envelope
lotka seeded reply envelopes
lotka seeded reply cards
Lotka Seeded Reply Card
Lotka Seeded A5 Envelope
Cotton Handmade Reply Cards recycled reply envelopes
Handmade Reply Card
Recycled Reply Envelope

Reply Postcard
recycled reply postcard
Postcard Reply Cards only can be printed on recycled, the other stocks are to flimsy to mail by themself.
Click to order Custom Recycled Stock Reply Postcard

Reception Cards
recycled reception card
Available in Cotton Handmade and Lotka paper also!
Click to order reception cards

Directions and Map Cards
directions card on seeded lotka paper map card on recycled stock directions card on handmade paper
Directions Card Made of Lotka Paper Handmade Directions Card
If you need samples of any of our products you can request them on our samples page.

If you need samples of any of our products you can request them on our samples page.
Step 7: Choose Your Envelope
You need to make sure the envelope that you are ordering is the correct size for all of the pieces that you are going to be mailing. Click to order Envelopes
4x6 Invitation -------- A6 Envelopes
4.5x6 Invitation------   A6 Envelopes
4x9 Invitation--------- #10 Envelopes
5x7 Invitation--------- A7 Envelopes
6x6 Invitation--------- 6.5" Square envelope
6x9 Bifold Invitation----A6(The invitation is 4x6 when folded)
6x12 Bifold Invitation-- A6(The invitation is 4x6 when folded)
7x10 Bifold Invitation-- A7
7x12 Bifold ----------- A7
You also have the option of having us print custom text on your envelopes.
So on the form for the envelopes fill in your name and address that you would like to put on it and also select the placing of it also. We print on the back flap and on the front. You may specify either way you would like it done.
Our two main types of envelopes that we sell are either recycled or lotka. Notice also some of the lotka envelopes are also seeded and your guests will be able to plant them and enjoy the wonderful wildflowers that will grow.
Click to order envelopes
Click to order envelopes
An example of our recycled envelopes An example of our Lotka envelopes

Step 8: Checking out process
Now that you have chosen every element of your wedding invitations you can add the products to your shopping cart by simply by clicking on the add to cart button below each item. After that you can view your cart, make sure all the descriptions match with the actual items that you intended to order. If you want to take something out of your cart, click and check the box next to the item that you don't want and then click update cart. You should notice that item has been taken out of your cart. You can change quantities by doing a similar process, just type in the quantity you need in the quantity box, then click update cart.  Below I labeled an example of a cart and noted the important features of it.

**Also printed items will have a minimum quantity, this is usually set at a $30 minium price**
Help with our shopping cart
Also if you are in need of any other assistance always feel free to call and one of our employees would love to help you through the ordering process. Some orders are more difficult and more complex than others to order online.

You can give us a call at Local & International: 206.462.7022

US Toll Free: 1.888.294.1526 (8am-5pm PT)

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