Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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4x6 Panel Seed Paper Handmade Invitations

This flat panel style invitation is economical and earth friendly. This style is made by tearing our full lotka seeded handmade paper sheets into smaller sections. As with all of our handmade invitations, each element is interchangeable to give you the widest possible field of options to pick from. Shown below are just some of the possible combinations you can order for your wedding or event. If you don't see the combination you are hoping for just pick up the phone or email us.

If you have decided this style is right for you, now you have to pick the paper style font and embellishment. This paper is not printer safe, we don't suggest you print on our handmade paper at home.

You can order without using this form by visiting our ordering page which offers more customized ordering options.
A free price quote can be obtained here Price Quote Request.
You can submit your invitation text with this Word Document or via email instead of using the forms.
Torn edge lotka seed paper invitation panel Torn edge lotka seed paper invitation panel Cut edge lotka seed paper invitation panel
The hand torn edge has been our signature look for over ten years.  With the economy struggling we looked at ways to help our customers keep their costs down and the quickest was adding a machine trimmed edge to our lotka paper invitations (the cotton stock is too soft for this to work nicely). Compare the savings at almost $1 per invitation.
4x6 Seed Paper Torn Edge Panel Invitation - $2.13
Click here for 5x7 invitations
You can use your own image; send it as a jpeg file in an email with your order.
Your contact email for proofs:

Text Line 1
Text Line 2
Text Line 3
Text Line 4
Text Line 5
Text Line 6
Text Line 7
Text Line 8
Text Line 9
Text Line 10
Text Line 11
Text Line 12
Text Line 13
Text Line 14
Text Line 15

Price Includes:

Paper Cost: $0.28

Tearing Cost: $1.00

Printing Cost: $0.85(min. $30 charge)
Invitation order elements. . .
Click here to view our graphic images available for your invitation.
To select font: wedding fonts
These items are not included in the price of the form to the left but can be added to your cart for inclusion with your order.
To add reply card: custom or pre-printed
To add flowers: pressed flowers
To add envelopes: invitation envelopes
Vegetable Dyed Option $0.39
If you want a colored lotka invitation you have to include this in your order.
If you have more lines then the form allows, please use this text [line break] to indicate a shared line.
Once you submit your text a proof will be generated within 72 hours for review. You will be asked to review and approve your proof prior to printing. Here's an example of our proofing pages: Your Proofs
A minimum invitation count of 35 is embedded in the shopping cart as we charge a minimum of $30 for all custom printed items. Any amount above 35 can be ordered by changing the figure and saving your changes.
Helpful calculations
If you order from the overstock, you need to select a stack that has one sheet for every five invitations. If you order a custom run of paper you will be charged for the extra sheets needed to reach our 30 sheet minimum (they will ship with your order but expect a one week production time).
A silk shoelace bow: three invitations per yard

An organdy French tie: six invitations per yard

A satin full wrap bow: ~ 1.5 invitations per yard

Each sheet of our handmade paper equals:
16 - 4.5" x 6" flat cards or
12 - 6" x 6" flat cards or
12 - 4" x 9" flat cards or
10 - 5" x 7" flat cards or
8 - 6" x 9" flat cards or
8 - 6" x 9" bi-folds or
6 - 6" x 12" bi-folds or
4 - 7" x 12" bi-folds
4 - 7" x 10" bi-folds
This invitation fits the A6 envelope (not included).
Cut edge to cut costs
4x6 Cut Edge Lotka Seeded Panel Invitation - $1.28
Your contact email for proofs:

Text Line 1
Text Line 2
Text Line 3
Text Line 4
Text Line 5
Text Line 6
Text Line 7
Text Line 8
Text Line 9
Text Line 10
Text Line 11
Text Line 12
Text Line 13
Text Line 14
Text Line 15

4x6 handmade invitation
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Do you need an Envelope?
$7.49 for 10
Seed A6 - Natural
4.5 x 6.5 - Natural
Either one of these is a good choice and will fit this style invitation perfectly
New Seeded Lotka Guestbooks

Invitation Sizes
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