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Handmade Seed Paper Hearts

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Large Hearts - Colored

Our unique blend of wildflower seeds has been carefully chosen to include seeds that will thrive in the growing regions found in North America (3-10). The plants tolerate partial shade, need four hours a day of direct sunlight and grow to about three feet high. Seeds include Snapdragon (Annual), Petunia (Annual), Beardtongue (Perennial), Daisy (Perennial), Thyme (Perennial), Poppy (Annual), Foxglove ( Biennial/Perennial ), Catchfly ( Biennial/Perennial ), Maiden Pinks (Perennial), Chamomile (Perennial).

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2.85" x 2.5" Hearts

Large Pink Larkspur Hearts
purple seed paper hearts
Set of 24 Pink Larkspur $9.60
Set of 24 Purple Larkspur $9.60
white seed paper hearts
60s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 White Seed Paper $9.60
Set of 24 Tan 60s Paper $9.60
52s seed paper hearts
47s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 Brown 52s Paper $9.60
Set of 24 #47s with visible text $9.60
68s seed paper hearts
34s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 Pink 68s Paper $9.60
Set of 24 Blue 34s Paper $9.60
14s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 Green 14s Paper $9.60
Custom Set of 48 Large Seed Paper Hearts $19.20

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