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To better serve you, our products and services have been organized into these urls. You will receive the same service, support and high quality goods at every turn. They all ship from the same location to save you money!

wedding invitations
Templates and Instructions

In order to make the construction of your own invitations go easier we provide the following instructions for free. The templates are included with orders as needed. Clicking on each link will open the file in your browser. You can save the files to your hardrive or print as needed.
printed 10 up on a page for you to cut apart at home
Assembly Tools
Invitation Assembly - envelope filling
Invitation Tearing - 5x7 flat w/organza | PDF
Invitation Tearing - 5x7 flat w/silk | PDF
Invitation Assembly - punch only
Invitation Tearing - 5x7 flat w/plant |  PDF
Invitation Assembly - punch /organza
Printed Planting Passage Sheets
$1.50 per 8.5" x 11"
Invitation Assembly - 5" x 7" w/eco-twist | PDF
Program Tearing - 6x9 flat w/organza
Invitation Tearing - 4.5x6 flat w/organza | PDF
Thank You Card - 6x9
Printed Planting Passage Inserts
Seed Paper - Planting Passage
Invitation Tearing - 4.5x6 flat w/silk | PDF
Seed Paper - Planting Guide PDF
Invitation Tearing - 4.5x6 flat w/plant | PDF
Invitation Assembly - 4.5" x 6" w/eco-twist | PDF
Click here for paper you can print at home that contains flower seeds.
If you order the printed sheets there are ten per page. If you order the inserts they are cut to size for you. You can also print them for free at home. Click here to order recycled paper to print them on.
Invitation Tearing - 4x6 flat w/plant
The tearing templates are simply heavy weight cardstock cut to size that you can make at home. The 5x7 flat measures 5" x 7", the thank you note measures 4.75" x 7".
Invitation Tearing - 6" square | PDF
Invitation Tearing - 6x12 w/plant
Invitation Tearing - 6x12 square | PDF
Invitation Tearing - 6x12 w/ribbon

Invitation Tearing - 6x9 w/plant
Invitation Tearing - 7x12 w/plant
French Tie Assembly
Bifold Finial
Printed Planting Guide Inserts
Printed Planting Guide Sheets
$1.50 per 8.5" x 11"

Print at Home Kit - 6x9 Bifold -- PDF
Print at Home Kit - 4.5x6 Panel
-- PDF
Print at Home Kit - 5x7 Panel
-- PDF
Print at Home Kit - 6x6 Panel
-- PDF
DIY Lotka 6x9 Kit
Download the Word Viewer 2003 for free. Using the viewer, if you who don't have Word can view, print, and copy Word documents. Word Viewer 2003 displays documents that are created in Word 2003 and earlier.

Download the viewer here.

These templates are Word 97 - 2003 documents created by Avery Dennison for use with their pre-made cards. You might find them useful in setting up projects to print at home.
Postcard template front

Postcard template back

Small tent card front & back

Small tent card front

Medium tent card

Note card


invitation templates
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