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1/8" Hole Punch

1/8" Round Comfort Grip Single Hole Punch
This heavy duty punch works on many materials, great for big jobs.
Punching Template
Check out our templates page for instructions about using our paper to construct your own invitations at home.
Other handy tools:
6" Bone Folder
18" Metal Ruler
1/8" Round Single Hole Punch
1/4" Round Single Hole Punch
This tiny hole punch will serve you well for those small tasks.
This punch produces the standard ruled paper sized hole.
We have been selling and using these same McGill punches for over 10 years. They do a great job of aiding our customers to assemble their own invitations. We are pleased with the McGill quality standards and you will find these last for years under normal wear conditions.  Order them for your own craft projects, for assembling cards or invitations or send them out with your sales team. You will be as pleased as we are with the durability and performance.
Handmade Invitation Kits lotka invitation kits
Handmade Invitation Kits Lotka Invitation Kits
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