Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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We love to send samples! We want you to be completely comfortable with your order before you place it. Judge what the paper, ribbon or invitations look like in person before you make your purchase.
plant it seed paper invitation sample There are over 800 ribbon colors offered in more than 20 styles: please be specific in your request. We do not sell, share, trade or otherwise use your contact information for any purpose other then responding to your requests.
If you are in a hurry, please call your request in or use the fee based buttons below for fastest processing. If you are just interested in seeing what the paper is like, please include the words "paper only" in the box below. International customers, use the fee buttons please.
Our standard invitation sample is the style shown on the left, the paper colors and bows vary by season.
Enter Your Specific Request Details:
Seriously, if you don't make a specific request, we will not send you anything. We have too many choices to make the decision for you.
International Customers: This fee button will cover just one sample.

Ribbon sample sets to buy
Earth Silk Blends Sample Set
We have numbered them on both sides, with the silk overlapping by a half inch. You will notice that the ribbon’s number is centered on the correct color. You can also use the web site as a quick reference if you are unsure.

The 1 inch wide lengths will let you see how the dyes interact with the material in a more informative way than our 5/8″ swatches can. The eight yard lengths allow you to see how the patterns that form on some of our blends, repeat. Unlike the swatch card where the silk is grouped in numerical order, on the silk sample cards we have arranged them by color.

Earth Poly Satin Sample Card
Earth Silk Solids Sample Card
Earth Silk Ribbon Sample Card
Print at home! PDF
Earth Silk Ribbon Sample Card
Printed Copy Free
Cuttings of 87 solid colors $8.00
cuttings of all 49 colors $5
Earth Silk Blends - $8 for blends color cuttings
blended silk sample card
Print at home PDF
Eco-Twist 5 color sample card
Recycled Eco-Twist Color Sample Card
Earth Satin Sample Set
18" of all 49 colors of Earth Satin $20
Buy a sample card - 3" of each color

Special Requests
Grab Bag!! Paper
Midori Ribbon Sample Sets
Each Midori set contains 18" of each style/color
4" Double-Faced Satin
7 Colors
Sample Set
Tiding on Double-Faced Satin
52 Styles
Double Faced Satin
71 Colors
Sample Set $72.00
Grosgrain Sample Set
29 Colors
Generous lengths of all available colors Generous lengths of all available colors
Woven Metallic
Sample Set
3 Colors
Dupioni (and Gala) Silk
37 Colors (Dupioni)
11 Colors (Gala) Sample
Organdy Sample Set
61 Colors
22 Colors
Sample Set
Generous lengths of all available colors Generous lengths of all available colors Generous lengths of all available colors
Generous lengths of all available colors
Icon on Double
Faced Satin
84 Styles
Sample Set
Icon on Herringbone
8 Colors
Sample Set
Sample Set
25 Colors
Gold/Silver Edged Organdy (6 Colors)
Generous lengths of all available colors Generous lengths of all available colors
Icon & Tidings
on Rayon Trimming

15 Icon Styles
(Icon On Rayon)
17 Tidings Styles
 (Rayon Tidings)

Sample Set

14 Colors
Sample Set

Rayon Trimming
38 Colors
Sample Set $36.00
Generous lengths of all available colors
Velvet Satin
10 Colors
Sample Set

Sample Set

5 Colors
Luxe Sample Set
41 Colors
Generous lengths of all available colors
All Midori samples are stamped with color code.
Midori Gift Wrap Swatch Book48 Patterns & 108 Colors
Speedy Paper Sample $2.99
Speedy Invitation Sample $2.99
Speedy Ribbon Sample $2.99
Please use these fee based buttons if you are outside of the US or are in a great hurry.
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