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Midori Ribbon

Double Faced Satin

This double faced satin ribbon has a silky finish and is 100% polyester and comes in 71 colors.

We are now offering half spools of 27.35 yards, which will offer moderate savings over the full spool cost but takes longer to ship as they are not stock.

Click on each color for a close up view

Midori Woad Blue
Midori Sky Blue
Midori Valerian
Midori Heliotrope
Woad Blue SD080
Sky Blue SD021
Valerian SD097
Heliotrope SD140
Midori Mermaid
Midori Powder Blue
Midori Cerulean
Midori Neptune
Mermaid SD081
Powder Blue SD139
Cerulean SD026
Neptune SD244
Midori Parrot Blue
Midori Prussian
Midori Hummingbird
Midori Seafoam
Parrot Blue
Prussian SD027
Hummingbird SD301
Seafoam SD246
Midori Spa
Midori Aquamarine
Click to view
Midori Del Mar
Spa SD091
Aquamarine SD245
Peacock SD288
Del Mar SD087
Midori Juniper
Midori Parsley
Midori Spanish Moss
Midori Kaffir
Juniper SD134
Parsley SD250
Spanish Moss SD136
Kaffir SD084
Midori Pine
Midori Florentine
Midori Fig
Pine SD034
Florentine SD109
Fig SD330
Celadon SD031
Margarita SD251
Cucumber SD252
Goldfinch SD329
Pistachio SD042
Midori Blond
Midori Imperial Gold
Midori Amarillo
Maize SD076
Blond SD128
Imperial Gold SD113
Amarillo SD231
Midori Nutmeg
Midori Umber
Midori Gold Leaf
Midori Antique Gold
Nutmeg SD048
Umber SD045
Gold Leaf SD353
Antique Gold SD111
Midori Ginger
Midori Almond
Midori French Vanilla
Midori Magnolia
Ginger SD129
Almond SD041
French Vanilla SD008
Magnolia SD040
Midori Bone
Midori Bisque
Midori Cherry Blossom
Midori Tea Rose
Bone SD073
Bisque SD106
Cherry Blossom SD003
Tea Rose SD126
Midori Blush
Midori Peony
Midori Kiss
Midori Bougainvillea
Blush SD002
Peony SD229
Kiss SD235
Bougainvillea SD237
Midori Raspberry Chiffon
Midori Quince
Midori Red
Midori Garnet
Raspberry Chiffon SD226
Quince SD120
Red SD071
Garnet SD119
Midori Bordeaux
Midori Venetian Red
Midori Coral
Midori Antique Copper
Bordeaux SD121
Venetian Red SD072
Coral SD012
Antique Copper SD130
Midori Mandarin
Midori Verbena
Midori Viola
Midori Meadow Violet
Mandarin SD116
Verbena SD257
Viola SD260
Meadow Violet SD327
Midori Cassis
Midori Latte
Midori Almond Blossom
Midori Fawn
Cassis SD019
Latte SD265
Almond Blossom SD117
Fawn SD285
Midori Mink
Midori Velvet Brown
Midori Cub
Midori Slate
Mink SD354
Velvet Brown SD049
Cub SD355
Slate SD274
Midori Storm
Midori Black
Midori Oyster
Midori Sterling
Storm SD098
Black SD055
Oyster SD061
Sterling SD060
Midori Alabaster
Alabaster SD039
Full Size Spools - 54.7 yards
1/4" Midori Satin - $41.00
3/8" Midori Satin - $53.00
5/8" Midori Satin - $71.00
1" Midori Satin - $90.00
1.5" Midori Satin - $182.00
2" Midori Satin - $280.00
2 3/4" Midori Satin - $360.00
Half Size Spools - 27.35 yards
1/4" Midori Satin - $24.00
3/8" Midori Satin - $32.00
5/8" Midori Satin - $40.00
1" Midori Satin - $50.00
1.5" Midori Satin - $95.00
2" Midori Satin - $150.00
2 3/4" Midori Satin - $190.00
Generous lengths of all available colors
Double Faced Satin Sample Set - $72.00
18" of each color, various widths. (stamped with color code)

Satin Sample Cutting
Insert your name, address and color request and a sample will be on the way.
Midori Drop Ship Fee (for fast delivery)

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50% LESS THAN MIDORI PRICES Same great quality

Why is this ribbon so expensive? In 2009 Berwick Offray petitioned the US Government for help in preventing unfair cheap Chinese imports that were hurting their ability to compete in the market place. After a short study the US Government found that there were some cases of unfair practices and so instituted a massive tariff on all man made fiber woven ribbon imports from China. Unfortunately this tariff was applied to materials that were not competing with Berwick Offray.


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