Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper and hand dyed silk manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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Earth Friendly Handmade Invitations

Fully assembled custom printed invitations, or do it yourself assemble at home styles for sale. For online ordering you can try our ordering form and we will send an estimate in 24 hours and proofs in 2-3 business days. Invitation orders ship one week from proof approval.

Pictured here are different invitation styles. Not only are the attachment (ribbon, fern, sticker) styles interchangeable, but you can pick from over 50 papers for the same cost, or you can even custom design the paper to fit your event. Not all styles require assembly. Enclosures and envelopes sold separately. Printing optional.

If you have any questions about our invitations, please contact us and we can help guide you through the choices. 1.888.294.1526

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Green Watercolor Trees Print Panel InvitationTraditional Torn Edge Seed Paper Panel InvitationWatercolor Winter Trees Print Panel InvitationBlue Leaf Print Panel InvitationPeaches Floral Print Panel InvitationSummer Bouquet Print Panel InvitationMountain Photo Panel InvitationTraditional Edge Seed Paper Panel InvitationRanunculus Print Panel InvitationCoastal Birds Print Panel InvitationMountain Photo Panel InvitationSeattle Space needle Panel InvitationCedar branch invitation panel with printBremerton Ferry Print Panel InvitationGeometric Print Panel Invitation Tree Sketch  Panel Invitationsave the date - personalized watercolor seed paper card seed paper bifold invitation with fern and ecotwist Peach Berry Panel Invitation cotton wreath invitationEucalyptus invitationwatercolor floral wedding invitationwatercolor yellow rose wedding invitationPurple Hydrangea Border invitation#25s bi-fold seed paper invitation#11s petal paper invitation with black printDip Dyed Seed Paper Panel InvitationPrinted Paper Panel InvitationPoppy Paper Panel InvitationColor Printed Mountain Panel Invitation7x12 bifold with seed paper insertColor Printed Felt Poppy Panel InvitationColor Printed Orchid Panel InvitationColor Printed Orchid Panel Invitation Color Printed Poppy Panel Invitation 5x7 folding antler invitation invitation shell with golden woodcut print and eco-twist wrap6x9 bifold from #9s seeded paper with Aspen Eco-twist7 x 10 bifold invitationfolding 7x10 invitation with hebrew 6x9 bifold with black printing tea length invitation with vellumpocketfold invitation with ribbon 6x9 bifold invitation green wrap and invitationpocketfold invitationseed paper deckle edge panellayered panel invitationpanel invitation with strip5x7 invitation with bamboolotka panel with brown printpoppy invitation wrap7x10 hemlock eco-twistfoxglove invitation color printSilk ribbon invitation #014 on lotka seed paperbifold invitation #9s paper6x6 panel invitation with larkspur stem7x12 Printed Invitation

Page 2 invitations shown here:

#2s Handmade paper with Hemlock Eco-Twist Lotka Paper Wrap

Our invitations are sold as complete sets or as individual components. We sell every part of the invitation as a separate item so you have the opportunity to mix and match. This also allows you to do some or all of the construction on your own. If you would like to punch holes and tie your own ribbon you save $1.50 per invitation. Looking for a green wedding? Our earth friendly approach makes for a low impact event. Recycled components? You bet!

All of our invitation styles can be made with any of our handmade papers. These are mix and match with many do it yourself options.

Once you have selected a style that suits you, move on to our handmade paper page to select the flowers you would like in your paper. We also offer pressed flowers to apply after the paper has been made, look here: Pressed Flower Invitations

Most of our papers contain flower seeds; these invitations become a plantable favor that will grow flowers and bloom into memories of your special event.

Our translucent vellum (clear invitation overlay) paper is made in a chemical free process from wood pulp and cellulose fibers that will naturally biodegrade if planted with our seeded papers.

If you have already purchased paper or envelopes from another company, we are happy to simply print a vellum overlay for you. If you would like to print your own invitations but wish to order paper from us, great! We welcome all orders.

We can print your text directly on handmade paper. Overlay style invitations can be printed at home, or we can print them for you. Papers can be custom made or selected from our available Handmade Paper stock. Invitations can be simple flat panels, or more decorative with ribbons, pressed flowers, stickers, or botanicals.

We use two main fibers for our paper at Of The Earth. One we call Lotka paper and it is made from the bark of the Daphne bush. It is a naturally regenerating renewable resource. All lotka envelopes and paper are 100% tree free and 50% recycled. The paper is also acid free and your purchase will benefit the economic enterprise of rural craftspeople in Nepal. Some of the lotka papers are embedded with seeds and will bloom if planted. We also make a cotton and abaca blend paper in our Seattle studio. This tree free earth friendly paper is made with every effort to conserve water and resources. We add no chemicals or other agents to ensure that our process is as environmentally friendly as possible. We are happy to offer 100% post industrial waste recycled handmade papers as well.

You are welcome to order via email if you can't find the order form that fits your desired invitation.

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