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Midori Ribbon

Organza Ribbon

The organza ribbon shown below can be ordered in ten yard sections and by the full roll. The 3/4" can be purchased by the yard with no minimum requirement.

There are 61 different organdy colors and 4 widths to choose from! To order organza by the yard click on the picture of the color you want. You will be brought to a page where you can select the width and number of yards (in 10 yard increments).

Midori organdy ribbon is created using very fine nylon threads, which are woven into a light but strong and beautiful weave. Midori sheer Organdy ribbon is a top choice among brides, florists, wedding planners and designers for accenting their creations. Brides and grooms often use organdy ribbon to put a beautiful finished touch on their wedding invitations and programs. We are happy to share with you our color selection of Midori organdy ribbon here.

Organdy and organza are often interchangeable terms used to describe a sheer woven fabric. The difference is often attributed to the material. The material used here is nylon.

Midori Kiwi
Midori Bonsai
Midori Hunter
Midori Garden Green
Kiwi OR047
Bonsai OR121
Hunter OR090
Garden Green OR032
Midori Chartreuse
Midori Emerald
Midori Sage
Midori Honeydew
Chartreuse OR061
Emerald OR070
Sage OR020
Honeydew OR110
Midori Celery
Midori Apple Green
Midori Willow
Midori Mallard
Celery OR111
Apple Green OR104
Willow OR009
Mallard OR116
Midori Mint
Midori Robins Egg Blue
Midori Turquoise
Midori Lake
Mint OR030
Robin's Egg Blue OR098
Turquoise OR022
Lake OR035
Midori Blue
Midori Arroyo
Midori Lapis
Blue OR021
Wave OR119
Arroyo OR120
Lapis OR082
Midori Amethyst
Midori Periwinkle
Midori Lavender
Midori Blackberry
Amethyst OR033
Periwinkle OR043
Lavender OR037
Blackberry OR018
Midori Woad Blue
Midori Storm
Midori Sugar Plum
Midori Burgundy
Woad Blue OR132
Storm OR133
Sugar Plum OR099
Burgundy OR064
Midori Brick
Midori Raspberry
Midori Cranberry
Midori Red
Brick OR025
Raspberry OR060
Cranberry OR017
Red OR014
Midori Watermelon
Midori Mauve
Midori Cosmopolitan
Midori Magenta
Watermelon OR012
Mauve OR007
Cosmopolitan OR115
Magenta OR059
Midori Fuchsia
Midori Pink
Midori Peach
Midori Pink Grapefruit
Fuchsia OR006
Pink OR002
Peach OR003
Pink Grapefruit OR013
Midori Azuki
Midori Clove
Midori Copper
Midori Carrot
Azuki OR040
Clove OR016
Copper OR067
Carrot OR113
Midori Goldfish
Midori Buttercup
Midori Yellow
Midori Goldenrod
Goldfish OR010
Buttercup OR072
Yellow OR008
Goldenrod OR065
Midori Wheat
Midori Tea
Midori Toast
Midori Lambs Ear
Wheat OR036
Tea OR045
Toast OR117
Lamb's Ear OR131
Midori Chamomile
Midori Sand
Midori Straw
Midori Ivory
Chamomile OR058
Sand OR057
Straw OR056
Ivory OR039
Midori White
Midori Pewter
Midori Bark
Midori Black
White OR073
Pewter OR093
Bark OR118
Black OR055


Midori Organdy by the Spool
3/4" Organdy 54.7 yard spool - $40.00
Sheer Organdy Color:
3/4" Organdy by the yard - $0.95
Sheer Organdy Color:

1 1/2" Organdy 54.7 yard spool - $62.00
Sheer Organdy Color:

1 1/2" Organdy 10 yard spool - $15.30
Sheer Organdy Color:
2" Organdy 54.7 yard spool - $80.00
Sheer Organdy Color:
2" Organdy 10 yard spool - $19.30
Sheer Organdy Color:
3" Organdy 54.7 yard spool - $124.00
Sheer Organdy Color:
3" Organdy 10 yard spool - $29.00
Sheer Organdy Color:
18" lengths of all available colors
Organdy Sample Set - $50.00

Organdy Sample Cutting
Insert your name, address and color request and a sample will be on the way.

*Midori ribbon value on same day shipping must be over $150 and cannot be combined with other items. For same day UPS shipping please complete your order and payment by 10:30 am. Not in that big of a hurry? Most ribbon orders are processed and shipped in under 72 hours.


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