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Handmade Seed Paper Tags

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This item is a single strand hand made garland of 100% natural biodegradable materials. The 20 white circles (1.5" in diameter) are punched out by hand from our hand made seed paper and then carefully strung on our 1/2 inch wide hand dyed silk ribbon. The circles are spread almost 4 inches apart from each other on the generous two yard span of silk. In the example photos we are showing five strands (two silver and three gold).

This two yard length will arrive gently packaged in a crisp white box that stores the silk garland without wrinkles.

Once you do take them down you can either store them for future use or plant them in your flower bed and watch the flowers bloom in the spring.

The silk ribbon is a delicate bias cut material that will fray on the edges with use. This fraying is an expected element of the product, not a defect. The raw, delicate nature of our natural garland is part of the beauty of the product. Please do not buy this if you are expecting the permanent nature of plastic goods.

Circle Garlands - $12.00
Gold Garland
Silver Garland
1.5" White Circle Tags on Gold #052 Ribbon
1.5" White Circle Tags on #532 Silver Ribbon
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