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Fonts for your Of The Earth Invitations

Wedding Fonts

Paper creates the feel of your wedding, wording expresses the mood, and your font selection illustrates your style. Be sure to click on the ones that interest you to see the full letter set for each of the fonts. Be sure to ask for help if you need it!

Choose your style; the font sets the tone. Select the perfect font for your event. 

hopper  font

For this PDF file to work with the embedded fonts, you must open it with Adobe Reader. Viewing it in your browser window will not show you the correct fonts. Save it to your device and then open it with Adobe.

cruz calligraphic font  fontzanier fontcallem fontfreestyle fontGreat Vibes  fontmalisia fontcorinthia  fontmercator  fonthopper  fontrodincezanne josephine da vinci grosvenordearst swash  fontmichelangelobroad windsorgrenvilleelizabethanchathamgoethe skript fellowship  fontroyalsitvincent monetbrush scriptvirginianoperina  fontfiore  fontsignetkaufmannelegance  fontformalbeautyfleurish shelleyfrench scriptbrammble wild  fontsamurimurravivaldi arabian civitype oldscriptApple  fontweddingwhitecorsivacoronetalisonduchessheather amazoneparkave brandon fontbohemian fontromano  fontuniversity caslonweltron antiquacentury gothicpapyrusperpetuadurer  fonttyndale  fontalexi copperplatecopperplate gothic

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When considering which font to use on your invitation you should recognize several things. The font can communicate a lot about your event. It will tell your guests if they should expect a formal or traditional event and can even illustrate the theme or style just with the shape and design of the letter set. So pick a font that fits your plan. Use letters that communicate the right message with their shape and spacing for your day. Be careful to not be too fancy or casual if that will send the wrong message. Recognize that your guest will be taking cues from your mailing to know how to dress for your event. That might mean with the wrong font and wording you could end up with folks arriving in cowboy hats when beach attire is more appropriate. Pick a font that will be easy to read as it gets smaller if you need a lot of text to communicate your message. Pick a font that has flair, that is formal, that is fun or serious. Pick a font that has big loops or straight lines, extra fancy curls or silly little whorls. Ask for advice from family or friends but be ready to discard that advice as it may not fit your tastes or plan. Whatever you decide you should enjoy the way the letters carry your message.

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