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Lotka - Nonseeded

Recycled       Felt       Seeded Lotka       Cotton

Lotka paper is handmade in Nepal from the Daphne bush. It is a renewable resource, and the paper is 100% tree free.

These handmade lotka paper envelopes are a heavy weight stock in a neutral tone to blend well with Of The Earth papers and our Lotka paper. They have a peel and seal flap adhesive but may require a glue stick.


7 Baronial
7 End Flap
5.75" x 7.75" Baronial - $0.96
5.75" x 7.75" End Flap - $0.96
4.75" x 6.5" Baronial - $0.64
4.5 x 6.5 End Flap - $0.59
6.5" x 6.5" End Flap - $0.96
9 x 11.5 - $0.96
Size Explanation:
A2 = 4.4" x 5.6"
A4 = 3.675" x 5.22"
A5 = 3.85" x 5.3"
A6 = 4.75" x 6.5"
A7 = 5.35" x 7.25"
A8 = 5.5" x 8"
A9 = 5.75" x 8.75"
#10 = 4.13" x 9.4"


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Customized Text Fee- $30
This nonrefundable print setup fee will cover multiple draft copies of your custom text or art placement on one surface of our many custom products.

Once you submit your text a proof will be generated within 72 hours for review. You will be asked to review and approve your proof prior to printing. Here's an example of our proofing pages: Your Proofs. Your order will ship one week from the day you approve your proofs.

Included in this $30 purchase is one print round of proofs which will be printed on a similar paper surface to your custom product purchase, then scanned and provided electronically in either .JPG (image) or .PDF (image) form. Should you require changes after seeing your initial proof, a second proof will be provided and covered by this $30 fee. After the second proof additional changes can be viewed for $15 per iteration.
Once your proof has been approved no further changes are possible.



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