Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

Since 1995 when Lori and I started this crazy thing called Of The Earth, we have had so many wonderful opportunities to work with wedding professionals who are making a difference in their communities and the larger world we share.  Over the next several months we will introduce you to some of them here.

Back when we first wrote our business plan and mission statement we were committed to never losing our focus on what was important to us which is why we selected the name “Of The Earth” to conduct business under.  We were frustrated by the lack of accountability in the work environments we spent time in.  Kevin watched plastic bags of ship’s garbage being punctured (to let in sea water) and then tossed overboard during his commercial fishing days.  Done in the dead of night to avoid detection, this was the accepted standard when the on-board incinerator was “broken”.  Lori started countless recycling programs at the many jobs she juggled during her college years.  While Seattle was a leader in residential recycling programs, business were slow to catch on.  It was not until the Green revolution of 2008 that businesses saw the marketing potential of touting how “Green” their products and practices were.  One company that we love working with that has been focused on our earth since their beginning is Green Karat.

Green Karat is an earth focused wedding ring business that you can read more about here:  They have been using our lotka printer safe seed paper as order receipts for their customers and shipping many of their rings in our 2″ square seed paper favor boxes.  We love working with them and highly recommend their products and services, they really are the best!

greenKarat Logo




seed paper to print at home

Of The Earth printer safe seed paper

2" square favor box of seed paper
Seed paper favor box that is a 2″ cube


Standard magazine features Of The Earth holiday gift wrap in their latest issue

Last month we got a call from the feature editor Mallory Hamel of Standard magazine, a prominent, celebrated design powerhouse.  They found our seed embedded wrapping paper and asked if we would send them samples to photograph.  We were flattered and excited and of course sent the stock and hoped for the best.  The feature turned out so much better than we had imagined.  You should have a look here

holiday issue standard magazine

Standard magazine holiday issue featuring Of The Earth seed paper gift wrap

We love how our wrapping paper can be used and saved, reused and finally planted to add oxygen to our environment, closing the circle of life by nurturing new plants from the embedded seeds.  Not only is our paper tree free and recycled, it is decorated with vegetable dyes and just right for the holidays.  You must have that one (just one?) family member that is hard to shop for.  Wrap their gift in our paper and like that kid who plays with the empty box, your friend will spend more time with the paper than what was inside.  Come spring time this wrapping paper can be potted or planted outside and with constant watering will produce a garden of wildflowers to celebrate the next season.  You can order the gift wrap here

Hand dyed silk ribbon ready for market! Bias cut ribbon on it’s way to Japan.


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We have some great new photos of our hand dyed silk.  We are excited to be sending these new spools to Japan!  These bias cut ribbons are 1/2″ wide by 38 yards long and dyed one spool at a time … Continue reading

Seed paper gift bags in time for the holidays!

These compact gift bags are the perfect fit for a container of your favorite coffee or tea that you want to share with your friend.  The bags measure 7.25 x 4.75 x 3. They are not only earth friendly because they can be used over and over again before before it is time to retire them: they do not contain fiber from a single tree!  This 50% recycled content paper is made from the bark of a common shrub found in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The shrub is part of a farmed plant that will regrow from the root ball and be ready to harvest again in 7-8 years.  And that is not all!  Once you are ready to retire this paper the careful gardener can coax flowers from the embedded seeds and generate oxygen once the sprouts bloom!  Please visit this page to order yours for just $2.50 each!