New Wildflower Seed Paper Card-Making Activity Kits

Purple Larkspur Wildflower Seed Paper Cards and Die Cut Shapes

Here at Of The Earth, we absolutely love DIY! We sell a variety of DIY kits and materials for crafty projects. Check out our newest addition – these seed paper card making kits. They’re perfect for a fun activity for kids!

These kits include four cards, four envelopes, planting instructions, and sixteen die cut shapes to mix and match.

Seed Paper Quarantine Activity
Handmade Seed Paper with wildflower seeds, cards, envelopes, and die cut shapes

These kits are available in three colors – white, purple/blue larkspur, and pink larkspur. All of the paper contains our blend of wildflower seeds that will bloom if planted. Included in the kit are guides for planting the paper as well as a list of the seeds that you can include in each card.

Seed Paper Card with Leaf Shape
Purple Larkspur recycled seed paper cards and leaf die cut shape

Here you can see the smooth inside surface of the seed paper card which allows for easy writing or drawing. We recommend gel roller pens for the easiest writing on our handmade paper.

Assorted Die Cut Shapes, Cards, and Envelopes
Pink Larkspur Wildflower Seed Cards and Die Cut Shapes

We’d love to see what you make with these cards! Send us a picture or tag @ote_seattle on Instagram!