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What folks are finding on and posting to their Pinterest pages.

In our efforts to find new customers where you live, we continue to reach out to where we think you may be hanging out, scanning the interwebs from your mobile device, your laptop, your pad or tablet, tower or surface.  We have hundreds of items waiting for you at our many urls but we have also found folks in odd ways including trolling Pinterest  you can see what is trending here:

For almost 10 years we have been selling on ebay (they just changed their capitalization, yea!) and have over 1000 listings with great prices and selection.

We continue to find new customers and new ways to feature our things using our Etsy store:

On we have over 700 items listed if you prefer their interface:

We would love to hear from you if you have a favorite place to shop or browse that you think would be perfect for our goods.


So many colors to choose from

Our dye studio has been having lots of fun creating more color blends and dyeing for the new season.  Fall is slowly arriving in Seattle and the changing fall colors are creating inspiration.  The results…..warm, luxurious earth tones on 2.5 inch wide silk.  Absolutely beautiful!

Recycled paper invitation with rustic torn edges and floral accents

Pressed larkspur invitation with torn edges
Pressed larkspur invitation with torn edges
Rustic invitation with pressed flower and torn edges


This stunning handmade paper invitation was designed by our new friend in Australia who used our clunky invitation design tool (found here ).  While not a perfect tool, it still has the ability to help you visualize your ideas and translate them to a working model which we can then turn into a wedding invitation proof like this.  The invitation shown uses our Chocolate lotka heavy weight stock with a light weight non-seeded paper (it is Australia after all) overlay.  The two are glued together and a pressed white larkspur stem is added to complete the look.  These invitations can be recycled or composted as they will biodegrade naturally.  Design your own today and send us a screenshot so we can post your creation here.

This invitation by the way would cost you only $4.08 each when paired with a matching handmade paper envelope.  Amazing right?  If your budget is super tight you could order the printed invitation as a do it yourself style package and spend only $2.58 each for the same set by adding your own tearing and gluing labor.  You can call 1.888.294.1526 or visit to order these today.

Seed Paper for the Holidays

small gift bags that bloom when planted
Multi pack seed paper bags
seed paper for holiday gift wrap
seed paper for holiday gift wrap
seed paper for holiday gift wrap
seed paper for holiday gift wrap

Who wants to think about the holidays in the summer?  Folks that find themselves humming “dashing through the snow” year round, that’s who.  If that describes you than you may be interested in our limited edition seed paper bags and papers.  These sheets were designed in Seattle and include US origin wildflower seeds that we send to our facility in Nepal to be worked into the sheets of paper by hand.  If you want that extra touch this holiday season, where your friends and family say “Wow” before they even open your present then you need this hand crafted seed paper to make the best first impression.  Printed only with vegetable dyes, our full sheets measure 20″ x 30″ and contain a blend of seeds safe for planting anywhere in North America.  The paper, when properly planted and cared for will sprout into a collection of flowers that will remind your family just how cool you are.  Order now at or  Call us for immediate help at 1.888.294.1526.

Hand Dyed Silk and Seed Paper Invitations – A marriage of the things we love

Recycled lotka seed paper paper invitation with blend #014 Silk ribbon
We are excited about our latest marriage of silk and paper.  These invitations are so easy to make!  We have always loved the silk bows that we assemble our invitations with but when faced with 250 invitations to make (and 250 silk bows to tie) it can be overwhelming if you are doing it at home.  This style of invitation pairs our hand dyed silk and hand made papers in a way that can easily be done at home to save money for more important things (like cake).  Just a small photo mounting square on the back side hides the seam.  This invitation uses just one yard of silk.  There are currently 144 colors both solids and blends that you can pick from in our Earth Silk line.  You can order the printed invitation below for just $2.17 each and then add the silk ribbon shown for $0.76 to attach at home.  If the deckled edge look is not for you, you can order the printed invitation on our lotka seed paper for just $1.32 each if you order it with cut edges.  Call us today if you want to know more. 1.888.294.1526.

Recycled lotka seed paper paper invitation with blend #014 Silk ribbon
Recycled lotka seed paper paper invitation with blend #014 Silk ribbon
Recycled paper invitation with blend #056 Silk ribbon
Recycled paper invitation with blend #056 Silk ribbon

Recycled paper invitation with blend #056 Silk ribbon
Recycled paper invitation with blend #056 Silk ribbonRecycled lotka seed paper paper invitation with blend #014 Silk ribbon

Summer Wedding Invitations

These invitations just went out the door today.  They were so pretty I had to capture them before they left.  Thank you spring sunshine for helping to make our silk ribbon shine.  This invitation is made with our 7x10 golden garden wrap, 5x7 seed paper panel and Charm silk ribbon.  Can you believe this customer spent less than $270 on her order?  She did, for 55 handmade custom printed seed paper invitations. 

golden garden lotka paper with seeded insert and hand dyed silk ribbon
Seed paper wedding invitation – 7×10 wrap with 5×7 panel

Our Seattle Papermaking and Silk Dyeing Studio

Seattle hand dyed silk and papermaking studio of Of The Earth
1226 S Angelo St. - Of The Earth papermaking and silk dyeing studio

We have been in this great Seattle location now for three years, it seems time to post a photo of our space!  Located in the flight path of Boeing Field we had President Obama flying overhead twice last week for campaign fundraising events.  We are so close to the end of the runway, he was literally within 250 feet (straight up).   We can always tell something big is up as all other air traffic stops in advance of a presidential arrival.

If you have the chance to visit us, you should be sure to take a look at the other great Georgetown curiosities.  Fantagraphic Comics, All City Coffee, The Hangar Cafe are some of our favorites.  Here is a link to an article in the NY Times written in the month we moved here

We hope you can stop in and see our hand dyed silk ribbon and paper making efforts.