Black Lives Matter, how 2020 changed this small business

Black Lives Matters Seed Paper Heart Shape

               For 25 years we have been serving the wedding industry.  2020 was a year like no other in our lifetime.  Our biggest lesson was not about how to pivot when events are cancelled.  Unlike many of our industry partners, we thrived last year.  Our greatest physical challenge was filling a record number of orders of our handmade goods, while our staff all stayed safe at home.  What we learned last year was not about our work, or just how many consecutive hours and days we can work without a break (a lot more than you would think). What we learned was that we were not doing enough for our community.

               While we marched for George Floyd, we kept cranking out our handmade goods, made paper late into the evenings, raised two high school students in a pandemic, built a backyard shelter for safe Covid gatherings, and knew we had to contribute more.

                So we read So You Want To Talk About Race? and other resources to understand what, as privileged white middle class folks, we have not had to pay any attention to: more than simply nodding in agreement with and shaking our heads at the difficulties faced by people of color.  It was very easy to be grateful that those struggles were not our struggles and know that we were not contributing to racism.  Life is tough enough without adding someone else’s worries to our day.  We never hurt anyone, so we are not guilty, right? Wrong.

               The murder of George Floyd at the hands of our police was impossible to turn away from.  It demanded action.  We will never be able to do enough.  What we will do, continues to evolve. 

Black Lives Matter message printed on a heart shape embedded with wildflower seeds.

               Since last summer we have included a token of support for the Black Lives Matter movement with every order that we ship out.  Each invoice, receipt and packing slip contains a silver dollar sized seed paper heart with a printed message that shows our support for BLM. This small message, and the signs in the windows of our home and our factory store have helped us to grow, and reinforced our commitment to helping.

               While we will now get back to posting and promoting our earth friendly products, we will continue to search for ways to help the black community; to have difficult conversations with people who call us to let us know that “All Lives Matter”; to demand equality for all.

                We encourage you to join us.  Our BLM hearts are available for sale here for $14.  $12 from the sale of each 50 pack is directly donated to the NAACP.  You can make your own donation here:

Rainy Days – Seattle weather inspires paper and silk artists to create “mood goods”

Seed paper cloud 34S
Seed paper cloud  in paper 34S

It’s officially fall, and here in Seattle that means the rain and clouds are back after a warm, dry summer. Here at Of The Earth, we’re experiencing the rainy day blues in a more positive way – inspiration!

“Into each life some rain must fall.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This collection of our lotka paper, handmade in Nepal, fits right in with the mood and weather we’re having. This is a lightweight paper with many decorative and artistic uses, including wrapping gifts.

Blue lotka handmade paper
Seattle Blues Lotka paper collection

Any discussion of color and mood would be incomplete without mentioning our Earth Silk Ribbon. These hand dyed, rich colors pull me right into a relaxed, rainy-day attitude.

Earth Silk 085
Earth Silk Ribbon 085

Grey Earth Silk Bouquet Cascade
Grey Earth Silk Bouquet Cascade

Earth Silk 531
Earth Silk Ribbon 531

Our seed paper cloud shapes are available in a variety of our seeded and petal papers, with or without printing. You can also create a custom design to be printed on them for your business or event.

Seed Paper Cloud 04S
Seed paper cloud in paper 04S


Stay dry out there!


SeaTac Airport Seattle Made Store Opening!

New airport shop

The SeaTac Airport C Gate could be renamed the “C is for Craft” Gate.  In May 2019 a new shop opened there in partnership with Seattle Made that offers locally-made products for travelers.

New airport shop
Sea-Tac Seattle Made shop

Only in C Gate will you find Of The Earth seeded paper cards featuring photos taken by our own Kevin Graham.

card rack
Seed paper goods in Sea-Tac Seattle Made shop



logo for Seattle Made

Of The Earth is a member of Seattle Made, a group who work together to grow their production businesses. The mission is “to grow and support a diverse ecosystem of urban manufacturers and producers that expand opportunities for local ownership and meaningful employment, build our region’s long-term resiliency, and celebrate Seattle’s unique cultural identity.” Of The Earth’s business aligns perfectly with this effort and we are fortunate to have our products featured in the airport store.

shop photo

Next time you travel by air via SeaTac’s C Gate, stop by the Seattle Made shop to buy a card, or other locally made gifts, and take us with you!

handmade cotton seeded paper card with image of the Space Needle

Iconic Seattle image printed in color on handmade seeded paper.

cotton seeded paper card with image of the Space Needle