Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper and hand dyed silk manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

handmade paper invitations and silk ribbon manufacturer




So excited to be interviewed by the local news about our environmental practices and products. See a quick video here:
local news

You can read the article by clicking here.




Last month we got a call from the feature editor Mallory Hamel of Standard magazine, a prominent, celebrated design powerhouse. They found our seed embedded wrapping paper and asked if we would send them samples to photograph. We were flattered and excited and of course sent the stock and hoped for the best. The feature turned out so much better than we had imagined. You should have a look here

holiday issue standard magazine
Standard magazine holiday issue featuring Of The Earth seed paper gift wrap

We love how our wrapping paper can be used and saved, reused and finally planted to add oxygen to our environment, closing the circle of life by nurturing new plants from the embedded seeds. Not only is our paper tree free and recycled, it is decorated with vegetable dyes and just right for the holidays. You must have that one (just one?) family member that is hard to shop for. Wrap their gift in our paper and like that kid who plays with the empty box, your friend will spend more time with the paper than what was inside. Come spring time this wrapping paper can be potted or planted outside and with constant watering will produce a garden of wildflowers to celebrate the next season. You can order the gift wrap here

View our 2012 Earth Day Press Release here


Green wedding planning guide book

Featured on page 85 and 86 in the invitations section of this 2009 publication, Of The Earth is proud to be one of only four companies nationwide selected for this resource on green weddings.

Green Wedding - Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration by Mireya Navarro
December 12, 2008 For Immediate Release
Press Release Word Doc.
Press Release PDF


Extreme Makeover Home Edition - 2009 - Stott Family

We were excited to participate in the ABC show Extreme Makeover Home Edition this fall. Our contribution of handmade papers was incorporated into a piece of wall art with the help of David Duchovny for the "green" build episode. The family in this story had been hit by a brutal combination of fire and health woes. We were happy to be a part of such a well known show and humbled and moved by the presentation of their story. ABC has a wonderful thing in their EMHE show. Not only has this family been lifted up, people around the country are impacted by the good that is done. Some may see typical corporate spending, we see corporate advertising dollars invested in humanitarian efforts. You can see the finished piece by following the links below.

The Stott Family
Family Bio | House Photos
Giant Frame Wall Art
We built a large muliti section picture frame. The frame was 7 feet tall by 14 feet wide. We used materials from the Stott family's old barns. The frame we made was about 3" thick.

Make your own!
Materials Needed:
100 feet of board about 1" to 3/4" thick.
Floral art paper for the backing

1.) Start by building the frame. For the vertical pieces, measure the inside dimensions of your frame. Cut pieces to fit inside the frame and attach. You can make your own call on the spacing between each one.
2.) Next, place the horizontals. This will be more time consuming because for this size frame there will be a lot of pieces. Measure the inside dimensions between the verticals. Cut your pieces to fit inside and attach horizontally throughout the frame. You can make your frame sizes different or make them all the same.
3.) Once the frame is finished we will start on the backing. We used assorted kinds of floral art paper with some texture and real flowers and leaves in it. Turn the frame over to the back. To attach your backing, use a staple gun to go around the edges and staple down the fabric or paper. Use a ruler or straight edge to get the staples straight in the places you are able to see.
4.) Since we used old wood and wanted to leave the color intact, we sprayed our frame with a polyacrylic clear finish. Paint or stain desired color and start placing pictures or anything you want framed.
Because it is a big piece make sure to place hangers in wall studs or something that will hold the weight.


Sex And The City

Sex And The City Wedding Planning

Sex And The City loves Of The Earth double faced satin ribbon! This scene, shot while discussing wedding dresses, shows our ribbon swatch card being considered, perhaps for a matching sash? Order your own here.

Earth Satin Ribbon Swatch card



self magazine cover

Featured Articles:

How to Plan a Green Wedding (that's more than just a fad)

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Invitations on Plantable Seeded Paper

Looking for eco-friendly invitations? AisleDash has got you covered!

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations

Plan a Green Wedding

Wedding Favors that Favor the Planet

Eco-Friendly Invitations



We were featured in an article in Self Magazine! It was in their 15 minutes section and pictured our seeded favor bag. You can find these on our site by clicking here.
Issue: May 2009


martha stewart living magazine

Recently featured in Martha Stewart Living, Of The Earth continues to be a leader in earth friendly recycled and eco-conscious products.

Featured here is our #16S wildflower seed embedded paper cut, folded and printed by the design team at Martha Stewart Living and found here on our site.



Click to goto the actual article in the NY Times

Our seeded business cards were featured in a article in the NY Times on Sunday, September 7th. It can also be found online, you may view the actual article by clicking on the image above. They were mentioning the newest trend of using not only recycled business cards, but seeded ones!



Our site was mentioned in a feature article in Guideposts Magazine. The Article was called "Pass It On" and it listed ways to have a earth friendly wedding. One of those examples was by ordering our "tree free" invitations.



easy being green book

Our custom made invitations were mentioned in "It's Easy Being Green". You can choose from a variety of hand made papers made of post consumer products such as cotton. You also have the choice of eco friendly attachments like Eco-Twist, Fern, and Ribbon.

You can find examples of your Earth Friendly Invitations here



We were featured on Inspired Retailer's website for the 2008 Holiday Season. They highlighted our vegetable dyed eco twist ribbon, and also our handmade eco friendly gift wrap.



Click to view article from Inspired Retailer



December 2008 Romantic Homes magazine feature article

We were featured in the wish list for Romantic Homes magazine, with our Red/Gold recycled paper, Golden Woodcut recycled paper, Blue Bullseye recycled paper, wildflower seed embedded handmade paper and our Earth Satin line of elegant ribbon.

Golden Woodcut recycled paper by Of The Earth   

Handmade Paper Gift Wrap by Of The Earth     Blue Bullseye Recycled Paper by Of The Earth

Red and Gold Of The Earth paper     Golden Woodcut paper and Earth Satin ribbon by Of The Earth

Golden Woodcut Recycled Paper by Of The Earth



Our customers include

Advanced Finishing Systems

Applied Graphics, Inc

BBDO Atlanta


Bic Corp.

Biome Lifestyle

Blair Graphics

Brookfield Media

Brookstone Candle Co


Carolina Party & Paper

Certified Inc.

Che Bella


Chromatic Lithographers


Contessa Premium Foods

Crown Enterprises, Inc.

Custom Quilting Inc.

DeanHouston, Inc.

Deep Green Living

Dominique Cohen Inc.

Duncan Press

E! Networks

Environmental Defense

European American Business Organization

Event Network Inc.


Falconi Bros., Inc.

FloraCraft Corporation

Fortune Magazine

Foundations, Inc.

Fran Jackowitz Productions

Franceska Schofield


GCI Group



Gift Baskets Creations by TK

Green Source

Growmark Inc.

Harrington Capital Advisors, Inc.

High-Ho International

Hillson LTD

Home Depot

Human Options, Inc

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

I Do Graphics

impact events, inc.

Incline to Design

Indie Peace

Ins and Outs Magazine

International Paper

Isola Imports, Inc.

Ivie Inc.

Jesse E. Lyman, Inc

Jim Shore Designs

julibee tea & bee co.

Karlas Card Co.

Kelly Ashworth Design


Light&Salt Cards

Lindenmeyr Paper

Lori’s Natural Foods Center

Martha Stewart Magazine

MediaCOM Inc

Mitaka USA, Inc.

Mulberry Mom Paper Craft Supply

Nature's Way, Inc.

Neiman Marcus

Paces Papers

pacific home inc.

Paper Treasures.


Paul Mitchell

Pennsylvania Environmental Council


Peresso Tudor Press

Perfectly Natural

Posh Paper

Print Connection

Propaganda Inc.


RR Donnelley

Rachel Leigh

Safe Haven

Santos Dumont -770 Elm Street Milford, NH 03055

Sarah Drake Design

Service Machines Inc.


Shorewood Packaging

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Steve Woods Printing Company

Stuyvesant Press

TargeGen, Inc.

The Anderson Group

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Thread Tex Inc

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Time Inc

Todd Johnson Productions Inc.


USA Environmental Management Inc.

USA Hosts

Vermillion Creative Group, Inc.

Visual Melody, LLC

Visual Print Solutions

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide


Western Badge and Trophy Inc.

Wild Child Wear

Wish Enterprises, Inc.





Of the Earth was founded in 1995 by Kevin and Lori Graham; two people who shared a passion for each other and a passion for the world around them. Lori had just graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Fiber Arts and Kevin had just left a career as a commercial fisherman in Alaska (both life changing experiences).

In planning their own wedding they discovered they enjoyed working together, both in making the necessary arrangements for a party for 135 people and while endeavoring to make their invitations. They still have some of the original invitation pieces (and have been surprised to learn over the years which friends hung onto them as well) which included a self mailing reply card (handmade), folding invitation card (handmade with flowers applied to the paper), a folding direction card with map (there were two versions of this as their friends received an email reply request - in 1995!!) and a handmade envelope sealed with wax. This amounted to more then three hundred individually formed sheets of paper made one at a time in their kitchen, dining, and living room (picture a one bedroom, 770sq. ft. condo). The kitchen blender was never to be the same (thank goodness for wedding gifts).

On their honeymoon while recounting everything that lead up their big day, they discussed what they wanted out of life and realized that they had an opportunity to make a difference and a living together. In the majority of responses they received on their reply cards there were handwritten notes commenting on how much the invitations were loved. They saw that wedding invitations touch so many people and can have an impact in their choice of words, paper and delivery.

Lori and Kevin realized that by creating a business that embraces our environment with earth friendly practices and an earth focused product, they could reach even more people if they helped other couples to send green wedding invitations. In the intervening ten plus years, their dream has become a reality with more then 1,000,000 people receiving a card or invitation made on paper created by hand with the earth in mind. Of The Earth is proud to continue offering great earth focused products. We are also proud of our efforts to be a low impact business, to encourage our customers to use less paper (we love single envelope invitations and postcard reply cards), to produce paper with recycled/recovered water and to use every practical measure possible to ensure an environmentally responsible workplace. Thank you for sharing our vision.


Our handmade papers are formed one at a time with a mould and deckle. They are made with 100% post industrial waste and are 100% tree free, acid free paper. Embedded in this stock is our unique North American Wildflower seed blend. The seeds will need four hours a day of direct sunlight with constant watering until established. The plants can grow to as tall as three feet. The seeds include Spurred Snapdragon,Tussock Bellflower, Creeping Thyme, Lilac Godetia, Foxglove, Catchfly, Monkeyflower, English Daisy, Red Corn Poppy and Showy Evening Primrose. This blend is specifically designed to allow us to print directly onto the handmade seed paper and for safe propagation across North America.

This card has the text printed on the textured side of our stock, on the reverse is a smooth surface that feels luxurious under your fingertips.

Buttercrunch after 2 weeks Click for larger image

Germination may begin as quickly as one week or may take up to six weeks depending on your regional growing zone and planting depth.  We recommend just 1/4 inch of soil coverage.

seed paper in bloom
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