Was this a mother’s day gift in the making?

A few days ago we shipped out a small order to a customer on the other side of the country.  We talk to many of our customers over the phone as they place their order or before they complete the order and sometimes even right after they put the order through online when they call to just make sure they did it right.  But not everyone calls.  Sometimes we are just left to wonder what the items we box up for them are going to become.  When this simple pair of items was sitting on the shipping table ready to be boxed I had to look closer and marvel at how nicely the colors went together.  I was so impressed with the match that I quickly snatched it up with a promise to return it ASAP.  The resulting photograph is shown here.  I always like seeing when our work pairs up this nicely.  It does make me wonder; was this destined to become an invitation set, perhaps hand made thank you notes or maybe simply a gift for a mom who loves to create with her own hands.

silk ribbon and pink larkspur flowers
Pink larkspur petals and our pink edged silk ribbon blend #046.

We occasionally receive photos and sometimes handmade cards from happy brides who have made their own invitations from our papers.  It is always rewarding to see the amazing results of our customers hard work and talent.  But more often then not we are left wondering just what became of the pretty things that we shipped off.

Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day weekend and hoping that you find time to work on a project of your own with the people that mean the most to you in your life.


You too can have this lovely set of items.  You will find the blend #046 silk ribbon here and you can find the pink larkspur pressed flowers here.

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