Land, a dream, a house and a peacock.

So many of us are trying to live and raise families in a way that is conscious of how we affect our environment.  We shop locally, walk more, drive less and try and use renewable resources whenever possible.  One of our early wedding clients, who also happens to be my brother, has been striving to reach these goals since they got married using our wedding invitations in 1995.  They are now near completion of a beautiful home in Oregon which is getting a lot of press.

It is being built by Hammer & Hand, based in nearby Portland, Ore., and designed by Scott Edwards Architecture.  It is one of six homes across the Pacific Northwest to be featured by the  Northwest Energy Star program as demonstrations of how well a “super-efficient home” can perform.

The structure is designed with tough standards for insulation and thermal efficiency, and is expected to significantly reduce energy bills by as much as 50 percent, compared to a conventional home.

drawing for Pumpkin Ridge house
drawing for Pumpkin Ridge house

This project has been a labor of love, they started in December 2011 and we are so happy to see their drawings and models become a reality.  Check out their blog for pictures and details about this uber green built home.  You can even see a picture of Larry, a peacock that has shown up to check out the show….. and eat the new plantings. (post written by Lori)



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