Woven works of art created with our bias cut, hand dyed, Earth Silk ribbon

One of our clients, artist and teacher Mary Klotz,  is creating beautiful woven works of art with our hand dyed Earth Silk ribbon. The variegated color combinations combined with the intricate woven pattern create an optical illusion of depth and rich tones of color.


Mary Klotz is developing some new project kits and working on a book at her studio located near Frederick, Maryland.  She has given seminars and workshops on triaxial weaving at regional and national conferences and to various guilds.  You can find her at www.forestheart.com.

Our biased cut, silk ribbon blend #058 was used to create this beautiful piece of artwork.  This blend can be found at   http://www.custompaper.com/earthsilk/ribbon/058.html

Of The Earth’s, hand dyed silk ribbons come in an array of solids and blends, 5 different widths and 2 different finishes.  You can view our entire collection at http://www.custompaper.com/Shop/Ribbon/ribbon.html and on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/flowerseedpaper

written by Lori Graham



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