Angry Clown! Clown Terrorizing Seattle Shopkeepers – Demands Balloons!

Okay, so we have not updated this blog in a while.  This time of year with everyone getting married we should have so much to write about (and we do) but we are just too busy to add a well thought out post with beautiful pictures and links to the great items we make and sell.

Too busy!  But I just could not stop myself from sharing this story.  We have invitations to make, programs to assemble, place cards to print and favors to pack but this little story was too good not to share.

Two weeks ago, on the first day of our week long summer break (makes no sense with the preceding set up, but that is what happens when you vacation with family that only has July off – thank you Mr. Principle *congratulations by the way) an angry clown burst into our new store.

I just heard the story today when I finally got to visit with Axia who handled things for us so brilliantly while Lori and I were out of town.  She saved this one so she could tell us in person.  There were many challenges she overcame during our absence but none so memorable as the fully suited, makeup wearing, six foot plus clown that high stepped into our newly redecorated store looking for his balloons.

This giant angry clown actually cursed when he discovered that his balloons were not to be found in our store.  He looked at Aixa in a way that made her inch closer to her desk as she tried to remember if there was a knife in a drawer she could use to fend off the brightly colored fiend.

After demanding where his balloons have gone and getting a shaky little “I don’t know, we sell paper” in reply he stormed out into the sidewalk, slammed the door in his oversize shoes, bound to terrorize some other poor shopkeepers.

It seems like the previous tenants of this great space used to sell their goods to literally any clown off the street as they were (and hopefully still are for the angry clown’s sake) a wholesale balloon business, you can still see their sign if you Google maps our location and checkout the street view.  I guess they did not send out flyers announcing their move, or perhaps this angry clown just drives around in his little car and does not own a mailbox.

Thank you so much Aixa for helping us out.  You really and truly never know what the day will bring do you?


PS.  This would be a great time to introduce our latest silk ribbon colors which include a fantastic new clown print, but really, who has the time?




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